Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the second best thing that's ever happened to a twizzler

(thank you Peter for the photo)

There are a lot of things I like in this world.
But there are more things that I could potentially like.

In our last post-sushi candy run to CVS, something new and different caught my eye - Twizzlers Twerps on display, front and center, orange and pink. Immediately, I thought of Twizzlers Sourz, those bite-sized "sour-coated chews" to which I developed an alarming addiction late last year. After my first taste of that sour berry blue, I knew I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was taking down an unnaturally large number of Sourz in a single sitting. I began making up false reasons to visit my purveyor, with my trips always ending up in the aisle with that cheery neon packaging.

I wasn't heading down a good path, and I knew it. After several weeks, I painfully resolved to cut myself off. I vowed not to buy any more Sourz. The decision brought a moderate degree of suffering early on, but eventually I did stop thinking about Twizzlers Sourz altogether.

Until that day. When bags and bags of Twizzlers "Twerps" lay before me. My regular sources of sugary delight - Snickers, Reese's, Twix - none of those seemed to matter now that I had been enticed by these "tangy filled chews".

I caved. I bought the Twerps. They weren't as good as Sourz (I'm not sure if anything will ever be). But I still ate too many.


Amy said...

Love your blog!

Godknows said...

I love these fruits , great photo and nice post

Alex said...

we don't have these 'twirps' in Toronto. You definitely need to pick a couple packs up for me. Air-mail them with my magic bullet :P

michealcara said...
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michealcara said...
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Anonymous said...

Im sad Twerps are my favorite candy in the world. I on the other hand cant stand the sourz becuase I ate to many cabage patch kids so my tastes bud are mest up but as of now 8/12 i cant find twerps any ware :(

Anonymous said...

I love those Sourz, my husband and I are hooked! But they are hard to find now. We used to get the BIG bags at Wal Mart for $1. Now all you can find are the really small bags at Best Buy for $.94 and you get less than a quater than with the other bag! These have been the only candy that I have gotten hooked on and now I can't find them!