Thursday, February 23, 2006

the power of color


One of the great joys of working at a design firm is being around people who are always trying to satisfy that constant craving for creative stimulus with the flavor of something new and different. I always welcome the samplings that land in my inbox.

I found two such recent tidbits to be particularly engrossing. As i struggle to learn about programming and html color codes to make this blog a bit more visually tasteful, I have started to think a lot about colors in general. These two items really helped bring color to life for me in a whole new way. (I'll try not to stray from food too often, but when there is something particularly good for show and tell, I cannot resist.)

The first is a visual mapping of the news, in the U.S. as well as in 10 other countries. It is updated real-time and color-coded by subject (world, business, sports, etc.). It's all information from Google, but made smart and swank.

The other is pure candy for the eyes and ears. View the extended version (make sure you have Quicktime). I found it wholly captivating.


Law Student # 96981349825 said...

hey G! totally unrelated, but i thought i might tap into your food-literature knowledge. is there a particular cooking magazine you recommend? bon appetit? gourmet? i'm looking for something that's a bit chi-chi, with gorgeous, drool-inducing pictures, but one that is somewhat practical for the amateur cook. thanks!!!

Genevieve said...

hi girl :)
i have been a loyal subscriber to gourmet for several years, thanks to thoughtful subscription gifts from friends. it's got plenty of yummy photography (what my co-worker likes to call food porn). i like it for its articles about travel and restaurants and little tidbits about wine. the recipes range from completely do-able to highly aspirational. i also used to subscribe to cook's illustrated, which claims to deliver on the *perfect* recipe for everything, since they go through extensive testing in "america's test kitchen". the idea of the perfect recipe bothers me, however, because i don't like to think of cooking as conducting controlled laboratory experiments...PLUS - that magazine has zero food porn (as its name suggests, it is illustrated by hand).

imo, saveur is a bit more of a lifestyle magazine. i have never subscribed to food and wine or bon appetit, so i don't know them well enough. they are more often a splurge at the check-out line...much like martha stewart living...real simple...(i also know people who like fine cooking...which i think i WOULD like for the content, but i personally don't find the design and layout to be all that appealing)