Sunday, February 19, 2006

eating, drinking, and breathing

(with chorizo, mussels, clams, leeks, tomatoes, wine, shallots and garlic)

"Eating, drinking, and breathing - that's what it's all about." Our sagacious expert from the EPA spoke impressively about air when we interviewed him for my current project at work.

Chris and I spend our days at Continuum trying to define and design the ultimate experience around air. Air is difficult, because people really don't think about air. People do not invite each other to their homes to breathe. They do not have to worry about providing enough air for their families, or plan out which types of air to prepare for upcoming week. They do not watch TV to see who can whip up the best air in 60 minutes, and they certainly do not spend thousands of dollars on packages to sample the airs of Italy and France. For most people, air is really not what it's all about. And this is why work can get hard sometimes.

Luckily, we can always turn to eating and drinking when breathing gets to be difficult. Chris and I both revel in the much easier challenge of designing the ultimate experience around food. (Searching for the ultimate drinking experience is also a fine alternative.) People get food. They like it; they appreciate it. Here is a sampling of the latest from Chris's kitchen.



Law Student # 96981349825 said...

today, i am going to make some spiced edamame and sauteed peas with bread crumbs. i'm trying to re-harmonize with vegetables at the same time ridding my pantry of old things. oh, and i'm going to bake some gooey chocolate chip cookies. gotta toss in something fun!

anyway, i recently subsccribed to i.D. magazine and saw an ad for design continuum. hurrah!

cin said...

the fisherman's soup looks great. I've got my soup spoon ready!

Helen said...

Hi Genevieve,

Thanks for stopping by Beyond Salmon. It is always exciting to find other Boston bloggers. That fisherman's stew looks fantastic.


-R- said...

I am so hungry now!!!