Sunday, September 12, 2010

healthy granola bars


Before grad school started, I determined that I would make healthy homemade granola bars on a weekly basis, to enjoy with my morning brewed coffee (organic beans from Cole Coffee, brewed one cup at a time with my manual drip Melitta cone filter).  I also planned to make healthy pasta salads with steamed mixed veggies that I would bring for lunch.

"Before" is the vital word.  Healthy granola bar made it through one week of "math camp" (before classes even started).  Healthy pasta salads made it through zero weeks.  A high percentage of my diet last week consisted of Clif zBars and Extreme Pizza.  And Diet Coke (huge fail).

I don't have a recipe for my granola bars, and I did not adapt it from anywhere.  I simply went to Berkeley Bowl and let the bulk section inspire me (this is my idea of a Great Time).  I can tell you that I used walnuts, dried cherries, toasted oats, toasted wheat bran, golden flax seeds, honey, butter, and little bit of salt.  I do not know the ratios.

But I am committed to making them again.  Next batch will be better (not as crunchy/brittle), and I'll keep track of the actual amounts.

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Jackie said...

The granola bar looks delicious. It might also taste good if you add apricots and dried cranberries.