Tuesday, August 10, 2010

hello, here I am again

I recently moved on from my role in marketing/product development at Jamba Juice.

Long term readers may have noticed the inverse correlation between my workload at Jamba and my attention to Bribe Me with a Muffin. Project complexity/pressures up, posts down.

As a graduate school student, I will write more. The year 2010 is also "Bribe Me with a Muffin's" 5th Year Anniversary, and I think it is time for some healthy evolution in my writing. Your feedback is very welcome.

I want to end by saying that working at Jamba was great in many ways. As you might imagine, somebody needs to taste the new smoothie flavors before final recipes are sent to stores, right? Yes. Sometimes 100 times over (and it never got old). Finding happy customers Twitter-ing about my products gave me a trusty, on-demand mood-enhancer (Boost?) at any time of day. But the best part was working with such talented, super cool, exceedingly kind teammates, who made amazing things happen. (Awesome people, thank you.)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back.

Fred said...

we will miss you so! (oh wait. we already do!) agree that tasting smoothies and eating food for work is fun. looking forward to more blog posts!

funny, because i stopped blogging when i joined! (haha.. it does say something doesn't it?)

Genevieve said...

thanks fred. now we have two data points illustrating the relationship! hope to see more on the grocery list :)