Tuesday, August 22, 2006

no food

I keep saying the food updates are coming...and they are. But first I wanted to share a few pix from the road trip.

Working backwards...

Final destination: my new apt. I recently upgraded and got chairs and a bed. Fab.

This would be Tahoe. Pretty. Third prettiest lake on the trip (after Yellowstone and Michigan).

Yellowstone Upper Falls.

The bison, aka buffalo. Very cool. We had some in burger-form.

Scene of the flat: Acme, Wyoming. FYI: Verizon doesn't represent so well in the Acme vicinity.
Me and Caf: taking on the Badlands in flip flops and platforms. 110 degrees F. Nearest Starbucks 291 mi. away, according to GPS.

And this is how we roll.


Anonymous said...

oh that should have been me with you! gotta love the wide open road that, photos, journaling and adventure of not knowing what's (literally) ahead, which is why i've been in boston for 5 years. wait--whaaaaat? - ML

Law Student # 96981349825 said...

Hahah, you almost look like a computer geek with your high-tech set-up!